UBI and a Dollar Tax

The best way to fund a UBI is to have a tax on Dollars. Having a tax on Dollars is a fair tax that treats every Dollar the same no matter who currently possesses it. When paired with a UBI, the tax on Dollars guarantees a percentage of the total stock of Dollars is always … Continue reading UBI and a Dollar Tax

Next steps toward a UBI

To pay for UBI we need to talk taxes. From local city and county taxes, to State taxes, to Federal taxes our taxes systems are complex and complicated. We need one simple and encouraging tax. One Federal tax to replace the rest. UBI is only part of the financial systems reset. As the Dollar morphs … Continue reading Next steps toward a UBI

Cons and Benefits of nominal-GDP-level targeting

Nominal-GDP-level targeting would be better called the "hoard and debase plan" because all it does is further enable a obviously corrupt oligarchy. Here why: The benefits of the nominal-GDP-level target plan at the Fed: (1) it enables the savings of more Dollars as a mechanism of "store-of-wealth". (2) debasement of the Dollar Standard is delayed … Continue reading Cons and Benefits of nominal-GDP-level targeting

More Tariff Musings

A tariff says "if you want to sell something to me you must pay me." If we set a fixed tariff on a specific trade item then it will pull tight the love energy flow in the direction of the buyer. For love-not-threats to be mutual the seller would have to set another tariff of … Continue reading More Tariff Musings

Understanding GSEs, Capital, and Spending

Understanding GSEs, Capital, and Spending

A Central Bank, as the Federal Reserve currently functions, collectivizes the debit of a nations individuals (US Citizens.) A debit is something regarded as disadvantageous or unfavorable. For example, the obligation to work for others in the market is a debit that is measured using the standard value metric we call the Federal Reserve Note (or … Continue reading Understanding GSEs, Capital, and Spending

Border Tariffs and Immigration

What is the purpose of a National border? There are differing laws on either side and a border is a distinctive boundary. Boundaries have costs and purposes. They keep the bad out and the good in. They create a functioning healthy system within. Taking in nutrition and expelling waste. Given the idea that in a … Continue reading Border Tariffs and Immigration

Demystifying the Fed

This article is a response to: Polleit, Thorsten, "The Fed's Great Unwind: Will It Sink Us?" The Austrian 3, no. 6 (2017): 4–6. Which is published here. I thought the Fed was a central government bank that all of the commercial banks with government charters were members of. Since the commercial banks’ lending adds to … Continue reading Demystifying the Fed

Proposal for Volcker Rule Alternative (Draft 12/7/2017)

The Parziale Proposal The call to split up the commercial banks from the investment banks as occurred in the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 or at least to limit proprietary trading by banks and their affiliates is the spirit behind The Volcker Rule: to end systemic financial risk and the mentality of "Too big to fail". Fundamental to this charge is … Continue reading Proposal for Volcker Rule Alternative (Draft 12/7/2017)

What role should money and markets play in a good society?

There has been talk that money and markets have been getting in the way of a good society. So people say that people may be better off without money altogether. Some of these ideas are surly based in truth, but the question is how many of these problems are caused by the current financial regulatory … Continue reading What role should money and markets play in a good society?

Central Banking is a Soviet Ideal

​Wall St's beginning was wealthy people lending to the government to fund war campaigns. This lending in the for of bonds has thousands of years of tradition.  It isn't difficult to understand today that a standard measure of value like the Dollar   doesn't have to be centrally controlled. There was a time when a … Continue reading Central Banking is a Soviet Ideal