A Rewrite of the US Constitution?

A Rewrite of the US Constitution?

If a Constitutional Convention were called, with the potential for a complete rewrite of the US Constitution as happened in 1789, what would you advocate? How would you educate your fellow citizens? Edward A Ipser Jr

The US Constitution established a way for the English Colonies to unite in war against tax theft payable to the English Empire. Today, we struggle to defend ourselves from taxation and prosecution by the same entity.

Let’s face it, Americans are quite fond of their ability to vote. The Ballot is held up as sacred, not because we use it to choose representatives, but because it is an “ideal” representation of equality under law. Having a Ballot supposedly means that your opinion will matter and since there is one Ballot per person your opinion is equal to all other individual’s opinions.

First, the Ballot needs be recognized as a currency. Ballots are a prevalent medium of intellectual exchange or expression because they are widespread. Each of us use them to vote and by voting each of us choose to express the wish to delegate each of our individual sovereign authority to a representative independently chosen.

Second, the minimum number of representatives shall be equal to the number of Ballots which is equal to the number of people who are citizens entitled to vote by law. When every voter is a representative every citizen represents voters’ interests. The US Constitution limited the number of representatives thus creating oligarchy:

  • despotic power exercised by a privileged clique.
  • autocratic control of any group or organization by a small faction.
  • a group or organization that is controlled by a privileged few.
  • the faction in control of such a group or organization.

Third, with every citizen acting as both a voter and a representative, holding periodic elections becomes insane because everyone knows that everyone is already a representative. What is left undetermined is specific agreed upon policies between individuals.

With a limited number of representatives a few people needed to be chosen periodically which made election day a necessity. On election day a majority rule democratic process is applied to the ballot market thus allowing majority opinion to determine who will occupy the few spots in the oligarchy.

When everyone is a free representative everyone is able to enter into policy arrangements with other individuals on any day of the term. The term is still a limit on the amount of time a ballot will be away from the voter. The term is a law that, like Ballots, applies to everyone the same.


In fact, the term is inherent to ballots and describes a ballot’s behavior. At the end of every term no matter what representative possesses a ballot, or the office that the majority of ballots afforded her, 100% of her ballots are taken from her and distributed equally to every voter.

Since there is no limit to the number of representatives, the ballot market is open everyday rather than only on election day. For a 4 year term there are 1,460 days in which the ballot market functions. 100% /  1,460 days = 0.068% / day. Choosing can take place everyday that the ballot market is open, therefore, 0.068% of the ballots a representative has are taken from her each day and provided, by law, as ballots to every individual voter.

Having the ballot market open everyday, rather than only on election day, requires that ballots be divisible. Hundredths, or cents, are chunks that are too big. Ballots will need to be divisible to the 6th decimal place, at least, so that microBallots or a millionth of a ballot can be exchanged.

A ballot market eliminates socialism caused by committees making decisions for collectives of people which they ostensibly represent. This is because individuals set rules and regulations for their individual representatives by splending (splend=spend+lend) microBallots in a market. While many individuals may independently choose identical contracts, rules and regulations are not set by committee for a collective.

Like minded people make independent decisions which aggregate. Collectives are ruled into conformation by violent force. Free individuals must be able to refuse to support a leader both as a constituent and a delegate.

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