The Ballotization of Money

The Ballotization of Money

A Ballot is a unit of value measurement, like a Dollar or a Bitcoin. Each Ballot represents one human’s values. The ‘exchange rate’ is:

One Ballot is All Dollars in existence divided by the population of citizens.



A Ballot is a definition of how much money is ‘enough’.


A Ballot defines the distinction between being in debitedness and being in cerditedness.


OK, So how many Dollars is a Ballot?

Well, that depends on which version of the money stock you use.

December 2015: $3,835,800,000,000(MB)/322,536,000 people =


December 2015: $3,146,400,000,000(M1)/322,536,000 people =


December 2015: $12,424,400,000,000(M2)/322,536,000 people =


December 2015: $137,40,200,000,000(MZM)/322,536,000 people =



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