Quick Recap

I was saying that banks create the money stock when they buy government bonds. That money stock is destroyed when bond principal and interest is paid.

The government spends the newly created borrowed money how the few in Congress guess is best for the collective. Then they income tax the productively of the collective to pay the principal and interest on the bonds.

Since the government always runs a deficit the total stock of money is always increasing. Which causes price inflation somewhere in the market.

This system structure leaves us with two   problems. Workers are income taxed to pay principal and interest to wealthy bond owners on Wall St. And, the oligarchy in Washington steals the dignity of individuals in the collective by not trusting him or her to be mature enough to make decisions independently.

The solution is to acknowledge that a Ballot and a Dollar are the same. They both wield political power. Ballot provision is a universal basic income. Both the wealth concentrating power of bonds and the exchange destroying power of income tax can be eliminated while funding the balance producing ballot provision with an inflation-like tax that taxes every Dollar at the same rate.

Michael Parziale

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