Border Tariffs and Immigration

What is the purpose of a National border?

There are differing laws on either side and a border is a distinctive boundary. Boundaries have costs and purposes. They keep the bad out and the good in. They create a functioning healthy system within. Taking in nutrition and expelling waste.

Given the idea that in a Republic power resides in the Ballot the Nations sovereignty is transferred to individuals. The laws of the Republic designed for an individual to take in good things from others and protect oneself from others evils.

When each individual becomes a Nation his or her skin is the border. And there is a cost of setting boundaries with others. One must know how and when to say no or to say yes. The art and science of learning to agree to disagree is negotiation. The point of a Republic’s constitution is to ensure that future generations tariffs are secured for them and a righteous and civil market is maintained.

The Republic’s constitution enforces the law that everyone is given a Ballot of equal weight at the same rate. This is saying that everyone’s skin has an equal tariff regardless of genetics. In practice, this means that one members word or credibility is equal to anothers.

So, the minimum rate of exchange of sovereign power between individuals are constants set in law (which achieve “parity” balance between self and others) and sovereign power flows obey the universal god-given law of entropy. Such is the Federal Funds Rate when individualized and used to fund a UBI. The libel rate owed on each credit an individual possesses (Referred to as “price inflation” in the collective) is used to provide a ballot to individuals over the term.

All market exchange of sovereign capital is reciprocal. The question is always how quickly will the circulation occur? The rate’s minimum is set in law by the constitution’s term, but market activity allows it to rise. This is because credits are prepaid and debits term is reduced. A faster rate of credit principle repayment in the market shortens the term (term=1/rate).

Democracy’s committee has mathematically integrated the market’s currency and created wall st’s ownership of international companies. We imagine exponential growth where non exists. This is refleced in the exponential decy of the value standards governments use to measure the exchange of soverign value. Since governments are in a free-floating-currency competition regime the government that exports the most value has its standard retain it’s value for a longer term.

There is always more pressure for sovereign power to flow from “hot bodies” to “cold bodies” when the difference between the two is more unequal (Second law of Thermodynamics.) However, democracies have the obligation to empower its constituents. So, collectivisation by State borders became an individual’s equal skin and the rightful distinction between individuals in the Republic’s market.

So, taking the derivative of democracy’s current value standard removes the exponent and makes that exponent a constant. This modifies an exponentially decaying currency into a stable currency. The constant is a Ballot that represents the average number of dollars per individual within the National border. So, if you want to join the Nation you must have a “thick skin” tariff like others by law that gives you the will to say no both as a boss and to a boss thus securing and enforcing your boundaries.

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