The Evolution of Governance

The Evolution of Governance

If the software running the government were to be updated, what features would it’s new constitution set as law?

  1. 1 Ballot per person.
  2. A 4 year term.
  3. Let everyone be a representative.
  4. Make everyday an election day.
  5. Make the relationships between constituents and representatives accountable.

What is a Republic?

A Republic is a community of generally equal individuals who voluntarily form a government in which supreme sovereign power resides in individual citizens who are entitled to vote. Sovereign power is exercised by elected representatives responsible to voters.

What is Elastic?

Elastic is:

  • resilient: tending to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change. Springy recoil.
  • capable of being easily stretched or expanded and of snapping back or resuming former shape :  flexible
  • capable of ready change or easy expansion
  • receptive to new ideas and willing to modify previous judgments :  adaptable
  • enlarging or decreasing readily in demand in response to changes in price

What is an Elastic Republic?

An Elastic Republic is a community of generally equal individuals who are simultaneously both voters and representatives. Each voluntarily agreeing to be bound by the constitution of the republic which entitles him or her to one ballot every term.

What is a Ballot?

Each ballot is equal in value and represents an individual’s sovereignty:

What is a Ballot Market?

An Elastic Republic establishes a market in which Ballots are used as a currency. Through daily market exchange and subscriptions constituents can support the new or old ideas of representatives, causing ballots to flow, and changing the balance of sovereign power in the republic. This allows for the rules and regulations that governs individuals to be flexible, adaptable, and respond to market prices.


Simultaneously, the republic’s term sets a time limit that causes the balance of sovereign power to recover from unbalanced market activity by “snapping back” and resuming a republic’s default: general equality via the provision of one ballot to each individual every term.

Those who voluntarily agree to the Elastic Republic’s constitutional contract join the pact and receive a Universal Basic Income that is derived from a “negative interest rate” inflation-like tax on accounts. The result is a tendency towards *account* equality. The environment seems more deflationary the more an individual’s account is below average and more inflationary the more an individual’s account is above average.

Individuals issue credit into existence as if they were Commercial Bank N.A. however each individual is limited to the same amount of credit which she can issue. As new credit is created each unit of money is diminished due to quantitative inflation theory. The importance is the independent decision making of all individuals rather than the few in bank management positions. Rather than oligarchy (or democracy) *every* individual is a representative and the same policy applies to all regardless of current wealth because all voluntarily chose future financial security via the pact’s common contract.

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