Reciprocity: The ER structure recognizes that in any basic market exchange their is a mutual expectation that within a reasonable amount of time a reciprocal repayment of goods and services of equal value will complete the interchange. The ER structures rules place a statute of limitation of 4 years on a transactional debts in order to encourage financial activity in the current moment.

ReciproSCRIBE is a Elastic Republic feature that allows two individuals to mutually subscribe to each others services. One Assurance Contract is defined in which Party A serves Party B as described in the agreement and another Assurance Contract is defined in which Party B serves Party A. Party B subscribes to Party A’s services and Party A subscribes to Party B’s services. Both agree to pay an equal number of Dividable Ballots on a regular basis to each other for each other’s services. It is a reciprocal subscription of service assurance.