What is the Elastic Republic’s (TM) ReciproMarket (TM)? [This is Capitalism]
Elastic Republic’s (TM) ReciproMarket (TM) is way to ensure voluntary reciprocal trade of material among separate groups of independent individuals such as corporations, governments, and non-profit charities.
Why have a Reciprocal Market?
Because that is the point of a market. The reason people come together in a market is to exchange real world things of equal value. The only use for money is to make payments, measure the value of things, and use as a medium of exchange. It is the real world products and services that are valuable in an exchange, not the money.
What is a Reciprocal Market?
In a Reciprocal Market an exchange of real value (such as products or services) takes place at roughly the same time. If money is used as an intermediary then two exchanges have to take place. One in which somebody exchanges a product or service for money and another in which the money is exchanged for a product or service. In a reciprocal market the exchange is not complete until an equivalent amount of real value is exchanged.
What does this mean?
This means that money is NOT a store of value. Money is a convenient measure of value and is used as an intermediary in a market exchange of real product or services. It means that if you make money in an exchange that that exchange is not complete until you spend that money in the market to get something of reciprocal value.
How does it work?
First of all the ReciproMARKET assumes the individuals understand the reciprocal nature of a market and that money is not a store of value but is an intermediary in the exchange of value. In addition to this ReciproMARKET has a RepELECT feature. RepELECT allows for a representative to be elected for a term. To ensure the a representative holds power for one term before having to be reelected Elastic Republic ReciproMARKET has the TermENSURE feature.