What is a Ballot?

A republic is a government in which supreme power resides in a body of citizens entitled to vote. Sovereignty is supreme power over a body politic. This rectangle [show a solid rectangle] represents the supreme power or sovereignty over all individual citizens in the republic’s body politic. A political republic organization is usually characterized by a general equality among members. So, we will divide this box vertically into equal pieces. Each piece represents the supreme power or sovereignty over an individual citizen in the republic. The more individuals the larger the stock of sovereignty. [animate in and out horizontally] [zoom in on one individual] Each is a Ballot because there is one Ballot per person in a republic. Now, since Ballots are divisible, the sovereignty of an individual can be divided into…say one million pieces [zoom in show lot’s of tiny pieces] Each one of those pieces act as a alternative currency. This currency makes it easy to compare the amount of sovereignty each person has to the standard of one Ballot.

Reciprocal market exchange occur best in a properly functioning republic and in a republic each citizen is free to spend their time voluntarily working for others in the market the way that they choose. They have autonomy and independence that frees them from external control. In other words, they have self-determination, political control, or sovereignty. In a republic sovereignty is vested in individuals generally equally.

In Elastic Republic’s ReciproMARKET the each Divisible Ballot has is a measure of that individuals sovereignty. Non-reciprocal exchange that occurs in Elastic Republic’s ReciproMARKET is an exchange of sovereignty.

A Ballot an amount of the money stock. It is a medium of exchange and a measure of value. What kind of value?


To have an amount of Individual Shares is to have sovereignty.  Sovereignty: (1)supreme power especially over a body politic : DOMINIONSWAY (2) freedom from external control : AUTONOMYINDEPENDENCE:(3) royal position or authority: (4)an autonomous state.

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