TermENSURE is the Elastic Republic feature that is continuously running in the background on a continuous basis. It is what makes Elastic Republic resilient.

Overview: Stable order over the length of the term is added to the Elastic Republic social hierarchy with debit and credit. Any time an individual is given credit (a privileged ranking as a leader) TermENSURE ensures that that the term length is enforced.

The leader can be reelected, a new leader can be elected, or individuals can regain and maintain their independent sovereignty.

What it Does: TermENSURE creates a voteflow that restores individual sovereignty whenever lasting/enduring structure is added to the republic. It is important that leaders have stability in their power. If the social order changes too fast then society can become chaotic. To solve this problem with so-called “direct democracies”, Elastic Republic allows for inequality by allowing individuals to make non-reciprocally valued relationships in the market. One person goes into debit for the other to ascend in standing (receive a credit.) This is the process of electing a leader. (RepELECT is the Elastic Republic function that handles all such non-reciprocation agreements.) The leader has a maximum term of 4 years. This means that if electing individuals do not maintain a non-reciprocal reelection relationship with the leader then the leader ranking will dwindle at a rate set by the term length over time. After 4 years the superior standing will be gone and the debit will have been forgiven.

How it Works: TermENSURE is part of minimal law in the Elastic Republic Ballot Market system. It has one mechanism that can be broken into two parts: Tax, and Stipend. As a voluntary member of Elastic Republic a citizen agrees to the Tax and becomes privileged with the Stipend or allowance. TermENSURE is the assurance mechanism of Elastic Republic. It is insurance that provides all members of the republic with a uniform guaranteed income at a rate defined by the republic’s term length. Rate=1/Term. This provides every citizen with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they are supported whether their endeavors succeed or fail. The price for this insurance in the tax. Being member citizen is voluntary. This insurance premium is a tax on the amount of Ballots in a citizens account, rather than a tax on the flow of money between citizens. This creates a Ballot flow from elected leaders to all individuals uniformly. Just like what happens when a legacy republic’s election day comes around. This flow back to all individuals uniformly is what restores independence and choice to individual sovereigns. Then individuals can trade that sovereignty to others again by either choosing a new leader or reelecting the current one.