Next steps toward a UBI

To pay for UBI we need to talk taxes. From local city and county taxes, to State taxes, to Federal taxes our taxes systems are complex and complicated. We need one simple and encouraging tax. One Federal tax to replace the rest.

UBI is only part of the financial systems reset. As the Dollar morphs into a standardized credit system, regulations will algorithmically gather revenue from Dollars in existence. All Dollars will be taxed at the same annual rate of 25%, deducted daily, no matter who holds the Dollar that day. This then provides the revenue for the UBI.

With all city, county, and state taxes eliminated, existing services continue by “force-allocating” a percentage of it’s citizens UBIs to existing government services. The same applies to Federal spending, which must come from it’s citizens UBI too. What’s left over after government’s forced spending is finally provided to the citizen to spend as desired.

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