In a republic sovereignty is vested in individuals generally equally. In Elastic Republic’s ReciproMARKET the amount of Ballots that an individual has is a measure of that individual’s sovereignty. Non-reciprocal exchange that occurs in Elastic Republic’s ReciproMARKET is an exchange of sovereignty.

LeaderELECT is the Elastic Republic feature that is activated when the value of exchange in the ReciproMARKET is not reciprocal. Any time a contract is being considered that will place one person in debit and the other in an ascended social position of leadership (credit) LeaderELECT will ensure both parties are aware of the exchange of sovereignty. Any time an individual establishes relationships that increase or decrease the static/average amount of Ballots in his or her account the result in an intended increase or decrease in sovereignty.

The ReciproMARKET implements visualizations of formal market relationships.

When a person’s set of formal relationships is unbalanced then LeaderELECT notifies both party’s of the others relative debit or credit. A leader must be willing to accept the provision of credit from the deibtor and the deibtor’s delegation of sovereignty to the leader. Also, the deibtor must accept the debit, the delegation of sovereignty to the leader, and the inherent requirement to work in the market for leaders.

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